Tolstoy Lives and Dies~Again

image011With 2010 being the centenary of Leo Tolstoy’s death, there have been many events in his honor.

The greatest was the award winning film “The Last Station” with Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer.  And now a new book is out. “Leo Tolstoy: Escape from Paradise” by Pavel Basinsky recently won Russia’s 2010 Big Book award. It will be out in English soon I hear. A super review of the book can be found on the Russia Now edition of 22 December 2010.

Tolstoy was such an iconoclast, always rebelling against the social and religious conventions of his day and time, yet faithful to his view of love and a spiritual understanding of the Bible.  I have read his “A Confession” and can understand his consternation in 19th century Russia. For all that, he was excommunicated from the Russian church in 1905.  He had lots to handle in those last days. But, he left us so much.

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