What is it about Russian Women? Part 1


There is a lot written today about the escalation of women in world affairs.  There is no doubt they are rising to the top in business and politics. It’s about time! Nowhere is this more evident as with Russian women, whether in Russia or abroad, where often they have to go to get the freedom and opportunity they crave. I cover this in depth in my book, “Walking on Ice, An American Businessman in Russia,” and will excerpt parts of it, and add recent observations in this column on my website. I will do this once a week over the next several weeks, so watch this column weekly.

In Chapter 38 of “The Domostroi,” a sixteenth century version of Good Housekeeping, the husband is instructed in how to discipline his wife and children, “beat them only with the lash, in a careful and controlled way, albeit painfully and fearsomely.” Progress has been made in Russia, but progress, like all else, is relative. It is a long story, but it’s clear the women in Russia are moving up regardless of the men. A Moscow Times article said the over 50% of the new businesses in Moscow were started by women. But, if they can’t make it at home, they go abroad.

March 8th is Woman’s Day in Russia. Some say it is a transparent apology for mistreating women the rest of the year, which is to some degree true. Others say that women have come a long way in Russia and are, and should be, grateful for that step forward, also true. They still have far to go, but they are getting there.

Check each week for a new post on this alluring subject.

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