Ronald Moe was a committed seeker for truth. Before Ron’s recent untimely passing he had finished his book on the murder of Rasputin and its meaning in the unraveling events in Russian history. “Prelude to the Revolution, the Murder of Rasputin” is now published and ready to be purchased and read.

Ron and I had some revealing discussions about this story over the past years as the murder of Rasputin is generally attributed to Prince Felix Yusupov. Ron presents a different story which involves the British agent, Oswald Rayner. Moe’s work is the result of diligent and thorough research and at the same time his book is readable and absorbing. After his retirement from his political science position at The Library of Congress he followed his passionate and deep research into the last days of the Romanoffs. I am now happy to see that due to the perseverance of his devoted wife, Grace, and friends, that landmark account is ready to read.

For a quick synopsis see Amazon’s Book Description page at http://www.amazon.com/PRELUDE-REVOLUTION-RASPUTIN-Ronald-Moe/dp/1593307128/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1323786255&sr=1-5 .

See also http://ronmoe.wordpress.com/


  1. Eva-Maria Hogrefe, C. S. says

    Excellent! Well written, and with a warm approachable, at the same time, informative style.

    I agree, change, especially sudden change, does not always define progress, but in retrospect we can see needed lessons were learned.

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