Confessions of a Russophile

From the review for “Walking on Ice. An American Businessman in Russia” from Russia Profile magazine, by its editor, Andrei Zolotov, Jr.     Of the legion of Western entrepreneurs who came to Russia in the early 1990s in search of opportunities, many … [Read more...]

“Poor Russia” Platonov says. Chekhov is relevant today.

  When I lived in Moscow, I heard a talk on the play "The Mechanical Piano" by Oleg Tabakov based on a drama by Chekhov, written by that great Russian author at eighteen. It was apparently Chekhov’s first play, overly long, full of everything he ever … [Read more...]

Why I like Chekhov

I have seen all of Anton Chekhov’s plays, some several times, and read many of his stories. I wondered why I was drawn to his writing and especially to his unique character development. I saw the Russian film “Ward 6” based on his story. It was the … [Read more...]