Nothing of Importance since 1812?


Russians can come out with the most amazing opinions. There was a large gathering in Moscow’s Red Square for the 50th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War (aka WWII) and I was listening to the National Symphony Orchestra from … [Read more...]

Heroes! —“The Great Patriotic War”

I have always admired the veteran Russian men and women in their baggy suits and medals from WWII, “The Great Patriotic War.” They suffered so much—and survived. Several of these men were the “guards” at a desk by the door to our office building in … [Read more...]

Russia’s Victory Day!!

  There is nothing like a Russian military parade.  And on May 9, this year, it will happen all over Russia again. As usual, there will be the patriotic bands, goose-stepping soldiers, rockets, missile launchers, freshly painted armored personnel … [Read more...]