Now it’s Russian art at the auctions!

Ilya Repin's "They did not expect him"

One of my favorite Russian artists is Ilya Repin. The painting above is called “They did not expect him.” It is in Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery. I always enjoy seeing it. Repin was one of the “Peredvizhniki” or “The Wanderers.” These famous artists in … [Read more...]

What is it about October!

  Ilya Repin  17 October 1905 October seems to have a special place in Russian history. I have a theory about it. I think there are only two months you have to be concerned about—August and October. The rest is not a problem. Think about it! August … [Read more...]

The Cossacks are Coming

Recently I was introduced to a Russian lady here in California who soon informed me she was in fact a Cossack. In my interest in Russian history and culture I know about the Cossacks, but hard facts are elusive as to who they really are.  I knew them … [Read more...]