Another Pancho Villa Story

Since writing “Dos Gringos,” the stories and characters from the Mexican Revolution keep creeping out of the cracks.  I got a call from El Paso from a man about my age, who told me about his great- grandfather who was a building contractor in Ciudad … [Read more...]

Jewish Lady breaks horses for Pancho Villa

Some years ago, at a summer camp in Maine, I heard a story I have never forgotten. A lady, hearing about my father’s story in the Mexican Revolution, now the published book  “Dos Gringos,” told me about her Jewish grandmother and Pancho Villa. It … [Read more...]

“Pancho Villa’s Air Force”

  It is amazing who you meet at the beach. Learning I had written "Dos Gringos," a book set in The Mexican Revolution, a nice woman introduced me to her friend saying the friend’s father was involved with building an air force for Pancho Villa.  The … [Read more...]

“Dos Gringos” for Latinos

The interest in “Dos Gringos” amongst the Latino community is growing.   As Dena Burroughs writes in the “LatinoLA” and earlier in “LA Arts Examiner,“  the story in Dos Gringos is of particular interest this year as November 2010 will mark the … [Read more...]

Pancho Villa in “Dos Gringos”

Readers of “Dos Gringos” know that the infamous Pancho Villa is not a major character in the story. But surely his side of The Mexican Revolution is very much there, and represented by “The Hawk” who personifies the spirit of the revolution and is … [Read more...]

“The Zimmermann Telegram” and The Mexican Revolution

 One of my favorite books is Barbara Tuchman’s “The Zimmermann Telegram,” about Kaiser Germany’s wild attempt to keep America out of World War I. The Americans were quite happy with their isolation from all that death and destruction in Europe. But, … [Read more...]