Russians, like everyone else, need help once in a while. But, helping a Russian, they say, is like trying to save a drowning man who won’t give you his hand. I have surely had that experience at times. It is a pathetic experience, and so often one … [Read more...]


  No one said it better than Dostoyevsky. In his masterpiece, The Brothers Karamazov, the master clearly defines the underlying rationale for the mental despotism that has for centuries burdened the Russian people. In the famous chapter, The Grand … [Read more...]

My First Lesson ~ Getting around “No”

The Cold-War stereotype of the Russian was a man in a gray suit and brown shoes who simply said “no.” One of my first lessons in doing business in Russia was learning that image is both true and false. In the stark and crowded 21st floor room in what … [Read more...]