The Destiny of the Seven Rembrandts


There are many fascinating side-stories to The Lady with an Ostrich Feather Fan.  This one began at the August 25, 1760 art auction in The Hague. My research of the auction records show there were seven Rembrandts in that auction—five were bought by … [Read more...]

What Is To Be Done?

What is to be done to move Russia into the 21st century world? It always has been a very tough question, but more possible of success today than ever before. It will lift Russians who can accomplish so much more if they develop an environment of … [Read more...]

“Instead of a Preface” Anna Akhmatova


The Los Angeles/St. Petersburg Sister City Committee raised money to help an archivist in that great Russian city begin a conservation and digitization of the works of the famous poet during Stalin times, Anna Akhmatova. The story of that brave woman … [Read more...]